Block Information

Block | 6323709c7a0eea8e2de0cdefc9b8627168746ac8e1b30129d5a771438e4a811b

  • Block index


    Position of this block in the overall chain of blocks forming the 'blockchain'
  • Transactions


    List of transactions included in this block
  • Hash


    Hash of all of the info stored in a block, including, but not limited to, the index, time, merkle root, etc...
  • Time


    Time the block was formed
  • Version


    The current version of the block system used by NEO
  • Merkle root


    Each transaction in a block is hashed. all of the individual transaction hashes together are then hashed to form a new hash; this combined hash is known as the merkle root.
  • Validator

    ANuupE2wgsHYi8VTqSUSoMsyxbJ8P3szu7 Public address of the consensus node that first announced the transaction

  • Size

    1,925 bytes

    Total size of the block in kilobytes
  • Generated GAS




Transaction ID

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Network fee: 0 GAS · System Fee: 0 GAS · Data Size: 70 bytes

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Network fee: 0 GAS · System Fee: 0 GAS · Data Size: 215 bytes

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Network fee: 0.0000001 GAS · System Fee: 0 GAS · Data Size: 321 bytes

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